It's not about the idea,
it's about making
the idea happen

Project Support

It’s not about the idea, it’s about making the idea happen.

Eurodimensions is well positioned to take part to the activities of EU funded projects. We have managed proposals for different calls and has a successful track record of project submissions for Erasmus +. Our services range from the definition of strategies to obtain European funding and accompanying the whole process, the conceptual and design phase up to the management and closing of the project.

Quality control and risk management – Implementing measures such as work package reports, regular reviews by a project quality assurance committee, satisfaction surveys/questionnaires, site visits, as well as testing phases for specific project outputs and evaluation reports by external experts. Risk management will identify, assess and monitor risks and design the related eventuality measures, supporting their implementation.

Dissemination - Implementing supporting and building of activities and measures aimed at spreading information about the project and making it visible beyond the circle of direct participant.

Exploitation - Supporting activities and measures aimed at mainstreaming and multiplying project results beyond the circle of direct beneficiaries. It involves encouraging people and institutions outside the project consortium to use and benefit from the results of the project. In this way, the impact of the project will be maximized and continue beyond the project funding period.

Impact & sustainability - Ensuring that project plans will result in significant benefits for the identified target groups stakeholders and wider constituency and that project results will continue to have an impact even after the project has come to an end.